Graphic Novel Challenge #3 Daytripper

Written & illustrated by Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba, Daytripper is an exploration of human life. Bras de Olivia Domingos is the protagonist of the boook. He is an obituary writer who dreams of becoming a successful author. The story examines pivotal moments in Bras’s life. Each issue (chapter) is a glimpse into Bras’ life and leads to his death in that moment.

The non linear narrative forces the reader to piece together the important aspects of Bras’ life and what means the most to him. New revealations in every chapter force the reader to reexamine moments they previous encountered and continually think about the meaning of human existence.

To say that Daytripper is one of the best graphic novels I have read would be untrue. Daytripper is one of the very best pieces of literature I have ever read. The premise that death is a part of life is a notion that we are all aware of. Daytripper takes those moments and forces you to examine what life is about. Examinations of relationships, family, love and life in a beautiful narrative, you will be hard pressed not to tear up.

Moon and Ba examine the philosophical notion of life and how it is valued in death. As an obituary writer Bras writes about the lives of others. Through this we get an examination of his life and through that an extension to our own. It is often through death one sees the value in life. As hard as death is to accept it is the value and impact that one’s life had on others that is most important.

Bras’ answer to these questions may be different from yours, but the importance of the quest for meaning cannot be overlooked. Good literature not only forces you to think, but to reexamine your own thinking. The personal journey of Bras is one that we should all take. A worthwhile read.

Next up X:Men; God Loves Man Kills by Chris Claremont & Brent Anderson


Film Challenge

At the beginning of the year I set out a challenge to myself to view 300 movies for the year 2014. To comment on all 300 movies would be a bit of a challenge. As such I will comment on all of the movies, however some will be more in depth than others. Last year my daughter and I decided to have Daddy/Daughter movie night on Fridays. My daughter who is 4 gets a choice of 2 movies and selects 1 and we watch it together. It is something I enjoy a great deal. I will more likely than not comment too much on those films unless warranted. I may even give you my daughters views on the films.

The list so far is as follows:

1. Metropolis

2. Wreck-it-Ralph

3. Despicable Me

4. GI Joe Retaliation

5. John Carter

6. Finding Nemo

7. Pacific Rim

8. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

9. J Edgar

10. Insidious

11. My Little Pony Equisteria Girls

12. Ghost Writer

13. Rush

Before I started the blog I gave my feeling on Metropolis on twitter, so I will not recount that. GI Joe Retaliation was a nice entertaining movie in which I did not have to think too hard. As a person whose childhood was in the 1980’s I was a big fan of GI Joe. I remember coming home from school and watching the cartoon before dinner (I convinced my parents to allow me to do my homework after dinner so I would not have to miss the cartoons). Anyways when the prospect of a GI Joe movie was announced in 2009 I got excited but fearful they would screw things up. The first film GI Joe: the Rise of Cobra was a mess. It was not good. I decided to watch the sequel on a whim one night after a hectic week and wanted a popcorn movie that I did not need to think too much about. I must say I was entertained by the film. Jon Chu early in the film killed off the carry over characters from the first film. Killing Duke, the heart of GI Joe was a risk, but it payed off. Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson is a throwback to the 1980’s action hero. He plays his part well. He is a fairly talented actor as he chooses his parts well. Something that not all actors are aware of. 

The fight scene on the side of the mountain was a very cool visual scene and one of the better action sequences I have seen in some time. As a side note, seeing the Cobra hydrofoils brought me back to my childhood. I found the movie enjoyable. Speaking of a film that I did not enjoy John Carter was completely awful. I was interested in seeing it because it was a colossal flop. It lost almost 200 million dollars. The disjointed story with the terrible effects made the movie unwatchable. I try to give movies a good shot, but I had to stop this more than half way through. The acting was terrible. The story was a mess. It was bad.

So after John Carter I decided to give Pacific Rim a shot (as a father of 2 young children it is difficult to get out to the theatre to see movies, so I tend to be a little late on things). I wish I did not give this a shot. This was another disaster of a movie. The plot was not clever; the robots were uninteresting as were the characters; the movie was way too long with fight scenes that were not crafted well (a shame as del Toro is an interesting director) as they were jumpy and the camera shots for many were far too close, which made it hard to watch; the dialogue was contrite and beyond B-movieish and the character development was non-existent. Terrible.

I thought I would be able to redeem thing with Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar a biographic pic of the life of J. Edgar Hoover played by the immensely talented Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio is the best part of the film. The film even from the start doesn’t seem to be good (this is strange for an Eastwood film). Many scenes from the film occur in offices or rooms. It gives a very claustrophobic feel to the film. It is uncomfortable. Much of the film is over the top and very melodramatic. Another dud.

As a fan of horror I decided to give Insidious a shot. The premise was an interesting one in that it is the son who is the host for the paranormal and not the “haunted house”. The film hit all aspects of the horror genre with the quick cuts eery music and creepy undertones. The Exorcist or Poltergeist it is not, but it was okay. I found the ending to be laughable, but overall the movie did what a horror movie was supposed to do. Higher level thinking in horror films are often hard to come by. This was not in that class, but it was an interesting concept that was executed. Was it executed well not really, but was it awful no it wasn’t.

Ghost Writer was a movie I stumbled across. It is a Roman Polanski film. I am a fan of his work, but not a fan of him as an individual. The film stars Ewan McGregor, a ghost writer, who is tasked to complete the memoirs of a former British Prime Minister (Pierce Brosnan). in his research and writing he uncovers secrets that jeopardize his life. This was a surprisingly good film. The story is engrossing and as a viewer you get caught up in the political intrigue. There are several nods to Hitchcock, which for me was great (Hitchcock IMO is the greatest director and is a favorite of mine). I was not a fan of the ending (I won’t ruin things), but overall it is a film that is worth checking out.

Rush was a fabulous film, which examines the complex relationship and rivalry between Formula 1 Racer Car drivers James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl). As a life long fan of Formula 1 this was a great treat to watch. I was familiar with Lauda as I have seen him race, but not too aware of Hunt. I know the name as he is a former World Champion, but was unaware of him as a driver. The characterization was amazing. Both Hemsworth and especially Bruhl capture the essence of the men they are portraying. The story is compelling. The driving scenes are as close to the actual races as any staged driving scenes could be. You do not need to know anything about Formula 1 to enjoy the film, but if you are at least familiar with the sport than the film is even more enjoyable. Ron Howard does a masterful job as the director. The visuals are as impressive as the camera work. Whether it is in the car taking the turn, to being in the pit to celebrating the victory it hits on all cylinders. The drama of the complex relationship between the 2 drivers is explored and developed in an engaging entertaining manner. Rush is indeed a Rush, a rush that you are sad to see end.

Graphic Novel Challenge #2 Robert Kirkman & Tony Moore’s The Walking Dead Volume 1 Days Gone By

It’s been a while. Sometimes life throws you challenges. I will play catch up over the course of the rest of the year to fulfill this challenge. But enough of this. Let’s get into it.

By now you’d have to be living under a rock in North America to not know the cultural phenomenon created by Robert Kirkman & Tony Moore known as the Walking Dead. Many people are familiar with the AMC Television series of the same name, but it started as a Graphic Novel.

The story opens up with Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes & his partner Shane in pursuit of escaped criminals. In the attempted capture Rick is shot in the chest and finds himself in a coma. He awakes a month later in the hospital finding it abandoned.

Exploring the hospital Rick finds that it is overrun with zombies. Confused as to what is going on Rick leaves the hospital and finds a zombie child who has deteriorated to nothing but bones. Rick upon seeing this has a bit of a breakdown, realising that the world he fell asleep in is nothing like the world he has awoken to. Rick takes the bike to his house where he finds it looted and his wife Lori and son Carl missing.

Upon leaving the house Rick is knocked out by Duane Jones, a boy who thought Rick was a zombie. Morgan, Duane’s father, soon realises that Rick is not a zombie and brings him into their house. It is here that Morgan explains to Rick the nature of the world that he has awoken to. Rick seems to believe that Lori would have taken Carl to Atlanta where her parents live (Atlanta was also the place where the government told people to go to).

The next day the three decide to go to the Sheriff’s station to get supplies to survive. Rick decides to search for his family in Atlanta while Morgan & Duane decide to stay behind. On his way to Atlanta Rick’s car runs out of gas. He stops by a nearby farm finding the inhabitants deceased as a result of suicide to avoid being turned. After getting physically sick Rick finds a horse, grabs his gear (a bag full of guns) and continues onwards to Atlanta.

When Rick arrives in Atlanta he finds it over run with zombies. The zombies knock Rick off his horse and eat it, as zombies tend to do. Rick flees to a nearby alley where he meets another survivor Glenn who tells him to follow him if he wishes to live. Cliche, but it works. Glenn tells Rick that Atlanta fell in less than a week. Rick again breaks down with the thought that his family has succumbed to the zombie apocalypse. Glenn tells Rick that he is part of a group of survivors camped out just outside of the city.

When Glenn brings Rick to the camp he is reunited with his family and partner Shane, who has been protecting them during Rick’s absence. Rick is introduced to the other survivors at camp. It is a diverse group who have survived as long as they have because they stuck together. Lori explains to Rick what has happened in his hospitalization.

A great deal happens the next day at camp (you can read this yourself some interesting developments). Rick decides that he needs to return to Atlanta to get some guns and ammo from a gun store. Rick believes that the zombies do not turn on each other due to the smell. The group douse themselves in zombie guts and head into the city. After getting what they came for it starts to rain and the zombie is washed off. This causes an attack that the group barely escapes.

The group returns home and over the next couple of weeks they practice shooting. During this portion of the novel the back story of several of the other characters is discussed. A group of zombies attack the camp and several of the survivors are killed.

Shane has become obsessed with Lori. Things come to a head in the forest where Shane is about to kill Rick when he is shot by Carl. The novel ends with Carl and Rick talking over the death of Shane with Carl saying ” its not the same as killing the dead ones daddy.” Rick responds with “it never should be, son, it never should be.”

The novel is different than the television phenomenon. I believe its better. I have watched the show (I must admit I am behind only watching season 1 & 2).  I am not behind on the text. The Walking Dead is not about zombies. It is not about man, or rather human vs zombie, but rather the destruction and de-evolution of society and humankinds reaction to that deterioration . It is about human relationships. It is about greed and envy, but it is also about hope. Hope that there is good amongst evil. Hope that people are indeed fundamentally good. Hope that people want to be part of a community. Hope that people are above self interest. As like life some are and some are not.

The graphic novel is well worth the read if you have an interest in human relationships–this is the basis of the story. Zombies are a small part of the story. As of yet the reason behind the outbreak is unclear, but that really doesn’t matter. Its the human relationships that make this a compelling read. Volume one is the start of a much larger story. A story that is well worth the time to read.

Next up Daytripper by Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon–a compelling graphic novel examining life and death. something that in light of recent events holds more weight to me on a personal level. Until next time…

A Tribute to my Mother-in-Law

One never sits around contemplating morality until you are faced with it. Over the course of the weekend my mother-in-law Gloria had a stroke and was hospitalized. While at the hospital doctors discover that she had breast, lung and brain cancer. Every child knows that one day they will outlive their parents (as it should be), but you are never quite prepared. I am very fortunate that by marrying my wife I gained second parents. Parents that often treated me better than those I was sprung from. My mother-in-law was my second mother. For that I am thankful. I am fortunate that I was able to have a true mother son relationship with my mother-in-law. That does not make this any easier.

I know as I type this that it is a matter of time, whether it be days or hours. I have spent the last few days with my children as my wife has been at the hospital with her mother and father. During this time I have had to (as best I could) explain to my 4 year old daughter what was going on with her beloved Baba. Gloria helped raise my daughter when we went to work looking after her 2-3 times a week until she went to school this year. When the time comes I’m really not sure what I am going to tell my daughter (I know the words, but how does a parent tell their 4 year old that her beloved grandmother will never see her again?). Nothing and nowhere prepares you for this. My son who turns 1 next week will grow up not knowing this amazing individual. My wife loses a mother. My father-in-law a wife. I cannot imagine being together with someone for almost 40 years then not having them there.

My mother-in-law just turned 70. It is aging, but by no means old. Why just a few weeks ago she looked after my children, so my wife could take me out to celebrate my birthday. It’s funny how fast things happen. There were no signs. One thing that comforts me is that she got to spend a week in Mexico with her daughter and grandson, a gift we got her for her 70th birthday. She loved the time together. She loved the time with her grandchildren. Gloria lived for my kids. She was never too tired to play. Never to tired for stories. Never too tired to care.

I am fortunate that I had many years with her in my life. My children are fortunate that they got a chance (albeit a shorter one than we’d like) to have her in their lives. You always think you have more time until you realise that you wish you had more time. As I type this I know that her time is coming short and that saddens me. I would give all that i have to see my children with her one last time. The hardest things I have to do is coming and I dread it.

There are many things I will miss; that my children will miss. There are many things I wish I had done or said, but there is no point in playing the wishing game. I spoke to someone about blogging recently. Its funny but we spoke of this a being a release; a way of saying what you could not speak. I feel that way right now. There is no way I could say out loud what I have written here as there is no way I could tell my mother-in-law what she meant to me. I will say that I love you and will miss you. Not because of all you did, but all that you were.



Graphic Novel Challenge #1 Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons Watchmen

Alan Moore & Dave Gibbon’s Watchmen was a 12 issue limited series that was produced by DC Comics starting in September 1986 and concluded in October 1987. It is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential graphic novels of all time, but is it really? After reading it again as the first graphic novel in my 2014 graphic novel a week challenge I must say that it is indeed a work that width stands the test of time. It was written almost 30 years ago and like Shakespeare, it still holds up today.

The story open up with the police investigating the death of Edward Blake, a costume superhero known as the Comedian. Rorschach a costumed vililante, decides to investigate the matter further as the police believe the death to be a suicide. During his investigation he finds that Blake was the Comedian and was a mercenary employed by the United States government. He sets out to warn his former teammates from his Crime buster days, Dan Dreiberg (Nite Owl [the 2nd one]); Doctor Manhattan, Laurie Juspeczyk (Silk Spectre [the 2nd one]) and Adrian Veidt (formerly Ozymandias).

After a series of flashbacks during the funeral of Blake we as readers are made aware of the true nature of Edward Blake. He is a rapist and a murderer. As the graphic novel progress we learn that he is the father of Laurie, something that she is none too pleased to discover.

After the funeral Dr. Manhattan is accused of being the cause of cancer in his friends and exiles himself to Mars. It is here that he reflects upon the complexity of human emotions and relationships. It should be noted that Dr. Manhattan was the one thing preventing the breakdown of US/Soviet relations (more on this later).

Back on Earth Laurie (Silk Spectre” Aligns herself with her former lover Dan Driberg (Nite Owl) re-ingite their costume personas and resume their vigilante work fro they days as Crimebusters. Believing Rorscharch’s conspiracy the two work to break him out of prison. Rorscharch has been wrongly imprisoned for the murder of Moloch, a former super villian. The prison scenes in the graphic novel are some of the most interesting passages of the book.

After Rorscharch leaves prison he and Nite Owl come to learn that Veidt (Ozymandias) is behind the death of the Comedian, the framing of Roscharch and the person behind exhiling Dr. Manhattan. 

When the 2 confront Veidt in his Antarctic hideout they learn that his plan was to fake an alien invasion of New York in order to save manking from nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union. The faked invasion will kill have of the populace of New York City. He in true super villain fashion, reveal that it was he who killed the Comedian because he became aware of this plot, framed Dr. Manhattan in order to remove him from the planet to prevent him from thwarting his plans and killed Moloch in order to frame Rorschach to keep him off his trail. 

Dr. Manhattan and Laurie return to Earth (he teleported her Mars as a plot device to get her to convince him that mankind was worth saving) to find that NYC has mass destruction. Dr. Manhattan relies that his abilities are limited by a disturbance coming from the Artic. They teleport their and confront Veidt.

It is here that Veidt shows everyone news stories from all over the world confirming that there are no more hostilities between anyone in the world. The United States and The Soviet Union have come together to help combat the crisis that has hit NYC (just as Veidt had planned). Everyone present agrees that concealing Veidt’s plan from humanity is the best course of action. Everyone that is but Rorscharch. Rorscharch refuses to compromise his ideals and is confronted by Dr. Manhattan who wants him to buy into the conspiracy. Rorscharch refuses and Dr. Manhattan kills him. Veidt finds Manhattan and asks him if he did the right thing in the end. Manhattan response by telling Veidt the “Nothing ever ends” and leaves the planet to start life anew. Nite Owl and Silk Spectre go into hiding as the novel nears its conclusion.

All throughout the graphic novel Rorscharch has been detailing all of the events in his journal, which he ends up sending to a local right wing newspaper. The novel concludes with a copyrighter looking for filler material for the newspaper and reaching for the journal mailed to him by Rorscharch.

Watchmen is a wonderful long form story. It is not an easy read as many of the plot points diverge into one. If you don not read carefully you could miss something or become confused. Moore’s writing was a critique of the state of world affairs in the 1980’s. The battle between the United States and the Soviet Union for global supremacy. Moore brilliantly chose Nixon as the president of the United States in 1985. His values and ideals were adopted by the president at the time Ronald Regan. 

Watchmen is a graphic novel that demonstrates the innate frailty of humanity. It is a story in the vein of Shakespeare, outlying the fall from grace that behalf a group of superheroes that were once adored by  society. The very idea of being a superhero is called into question as the reader is left wondering who the heroes truly are. 

Watchmen is not your typical comic book. It forces you to think. To call into question what you believe a hero should be. The back up story mirrors the action of the main story (as many Shakespearian plays do). The art and the layouts were ground breaking for its time. Something which leads to its influential nature. The nine panel grid filled each page with an enormous amount of information, all of which was important to the story. The art is a perfect complement to the story.

If you have not read the Watchmen I urge you to pick it up. Read it in a sitting. Put it down and return to it days later. The second reading will be better than the first. Watchmen is a piece of literature that once read is never read the same again. It is a marvel to behold. There is a reason that Time Magazine called Watchmen one of the greatest 100 novels (not graphic novels). The story is superb. The art is astonding. Together they create one of the greatest stories ever told.


Blogging Challenge

There is a blogging challenge going around our board with multiple people who blog and I have been challenged by Michael Wetzel to step up to the plate and participate as well.

Here are the requirements for the challenge.

1. Acknowledge the nominating blogger

2. Share 11 Random facts about yourself.

3. Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.

4. List 11 bloggers. They should be bloggers you believe deserve a little recognition.

5. Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate and let the bloggers know they have been nominated. (You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you.)

With this challenge in mind, here goes.

1. The person who nominated me for this challenge was Michael Wetzel. I worked with Michael as my Vice-Principal for a little under 2 years (until he got promoted to the board & the to Blessed Pope John Paul II). Mike opened my eyes to the usage of advanced technology in the classroom (much more than over head projectors and power point). In the time I got to know Michael I found him to be one of the most competent, hard working and insightful people I have ever met.

2. 11 Random facts about myself:

  • I have a daughter and a son whose names were selected because we liked the sound of them.
  • I taught Japanese for a term when I taught in Australia.
  • I lived in Australia on a teaching exchange for 1 year.
  • I’ve been to Vanuatu.
  • I was accepted into the Humber School of Comedy based on my stand-up material.
  • The University of Toronto lost my university transfer application twice.
  • I have a degree in Criminology.
  • I have a twin brother.
  • I have been and still are an insomniac for almost 25 years.
  • As a child I was pigeon toed and had to wear special boots to bed to correct this (this could be the root of my insomnia and the fact that I cannot sleep with anything on my feet).
  • I have an extensive comic book and graphic novel collect that my wife claims takes up too much space.  She’s crazy, but I love her anyway.

Now for the questions Michael posed in this challenge.

1. What is the most distinguishable memory of my own education?

To be honest I have 2. Let me preface this by saying I was never the best student. It is not because I did not have the ability, but rather it was something that was not terribly valued in my household and I had little interest in what I was being taught.

The first was in grade 8 when we were selecting our high schools. I was brought into a room by a guidance counsellor (this guy tried to sell me a bunch of bunk) and was told that the school I selected Brebeuf College would be too difficult for me as it was all Advanced (back when I went to school the levels were Basic, General and Advanced). I was told by this “counsellor” that I would be much better served going to a school that offered General and Basic level courses. Needless to say I ignored this man’s advice and went to Brebeuf College taking all Advanced level Courses. I knew I could do things if I applied myself. I just lacked the personal motivation.

The second was in my OAC year of high school (when I was in school in order to attend university you had to complete OAC). Again I need to preface things here. All through high school I was an average student. Generally my marks were between a 60% & 70%. During my OAC year I was taught 2 English course by my homeroom teacher and he noticed that the work I was turning in was well over 80%. He brought me into his class one day and sat me down. I remember the conversation. “Jason we need to discuss your work.” “Okay sir, what’s the problem.” “Its not yours is it?” “What?” “Listen Jason I have taught you several courses over your time here at Brebeuf and never has any of your work remotely resembled this. We have an honour code. I’m giving you one chance to fess up.” “Sir it’s all been mine. If you do not believe me let me prove it to you. I will write you something right now and you’ll see.” “Well alright, but you did have an opportunity.”

I was then given an essay on Heart of Darkness. The specific nature of the question posed escapes me all these years later. I completed the paper left it on his desk and left the class. The next morning prior to class I was asked by my teacher to come into the class and speak with him regarding my work once again.

“Jason I have read you work and their is no doubt in my mind that it is indeed your product. First off I need to extend you my sincerest apology.” (This was the 1st time a teacher had ever apologized for anything to me a student. This threw me for a loop. I was told at a very early age teacher and your parents are always right. I found that to be untrue.) He continued, “but I have to ask why weren’t you producing work like his throughout your high school career?” My answer “because it didn’t matter.” “What do you mean it didn’t matter?” “Well sir I need good marks to get into university. I do not need good marks to go from grade 11 English to grade 12 English, do I?” A pause. I continued, “My parents are happy enough if I pass my classes. Unlike some students here I do not get rewarded for being on the honour role.  Nothing in high school mattered until this year. I want to go to university, so I need to get good marks. I am now getting good marks, so I will be able to attend university.” I still remember the look on my teachers face after  I told him all of this. The only thing he said was “you might just be the smartest kid in the school as I really get the game of education.” I graduated high school with an 87% average.

2. What TV show from your childhood would be the one that you would most immediately watch if it was on again?

The 1960′s Spiderman Cartoon.

3. What was your favourite Christmas gift as a child?

My Nintendo System.

4. How have you used social media in the past year to add to your own learning?

As an avid Tweeter I have used Twitter to become aware of individuals and institutions that I may not have been exposed to. There are many writers that I now follow on twitter that have given me valuable information that I use in my teaching practice in all classes. In addition. my personal challenge last year of finding, posting and commenting on a picture a day helped me learning and develop my own interest in photography. Besides all of this I have enrolled in 2 MOOC’s over the course of the last year. I would have liked to have spent more time on them, but it was a start that I would not have been aware of had I not been on social media.

5. When was the last time you really considered the physical environment in your classroom and what would you change if you could?

I have a unique classroom in that I teach primarily in a drama room. I have no desks and the great majority of my students need to collaborate in order to achieve success. I may add some more tables so students have more things to lean on when writing.

6. In relation to the last question: what factors are keeping you from making that change? Are they enough to keep you from trying it?

Getting a table is problematic. I would not get more as space is limited for performances and I don’t think its necessary to improve student learning.

7. If I could do anything tomorrow, what would it be?

Sleep for 8 hours of un-interupted sleep. (I don’t remember when I did that last if ever.)

8. When people talk at your retirement dinner, what would you like them to say, and how is it different from what you think will be said?

I would like people to say that all I did good or bad was for the benefit of my students. I was a funny little man who loved his job and never treated it as one. He made an impact. People will probably call me an a$$hole, but one who cared about his students and did a great deal for the school(s) he worked at. He at times got in your face, but he did so with the best of intentions and he never held grudges. He made an impact.

9. If every child in your class was your own, how would your teaching be different?

I’d probably beat and yell a great deal more. Just joking. I’m not really sure it would be that different. The only thing I can think of presently (my daughter is involved in her own programming after school) is being available to students more. I had to cut back on being around after school and at times I have to tell students to come back as I have to leave. I know that will change as my kids get older. But I would say just being around more. Sometimes thats all students really need.

10. Can you explain to me why Newfoundland is 30 minutes off the clock of everyone else?

Not a clue. I could look it up, but wheres the fun in that. (I’m going to look it up).

11. What qualities do you look for in a principal?

I want my principal to have a vision. To be approachable. To be honest. To be available. To allow a teacher the opportunity to do their thing, but to be be there to provide direction if necessary. To be inclusive. To tell me when I’m not doing something right. To tell me when I am doing something right. To allow me to learn from my mistakes. To allow me to do new and try new things. To provide opportunities to collaborate with peers. To provide funds when necessary. To listen.

As for the people I would recommend for the challenge I need to do some thinking and research as I am new to this. The questions will be developed once I know who to challenge.